PSA: Preparing to Work from Home

Preparing to work from home

As the percentage of positive test results for COVID rise through the winter months, many of us are going back to a “Work from Home” model. As your technology partner, we want to do all we can to help make your experience as stress free as possible. Below are best practices and tips that will help.

  1. Verify you have a good internet connection in your home. If your connection is poor or you have to use a Cellular hotspot you will most likely struggle to be productive. Also keep in mind that even if you do have good internet your provider may have caps on how many devices can be connected at one time. There may also be limits on the amount of data you can use for the month before your internet speed is decreased, slowing down your internet connection.
  2. Make sure the computer has Wi-Fi (most laptops do, but most desktops don’t). If your computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi, make sure you can place it in a location that allows it to be connected to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Submit a ticket to have a VPSG technician review your computer before you take it home. There are often preparations that need to be completed to make sure you can connect from home. This service can be done remotely while your computer is in the office.
    a. Verify your Operating System is up to date. This is important so you are safe and secure when working from home.
    b. Verify Line of Business programs are up to date. Updates typically perform faster through your office internet.
    c. Verify your Anti-Virus and Malware protection are active and up to date.
    d. Perform any pre-configuration of your VPN (Virtual Private Network) between you and your office network.
  4. Schedule a time with the VPSG tech who reviews your computer to make sure you are able to connect once you get your computer home. If you wait until you get home to call you will have to be placed in the service queue and most likely receive a call back.
  5. Lock your computer before walking away. This is just as important at home as it is when you are in the office. Perhaps more important as little ones might think their Blue’s Clues game is your computer.
  6. Stay Vigilant!! The chances a malicious – and very convincing – message can sneak into corporate mail or even on screen pop-ups as your home router does not have the protective features your corporate network does. This is especially relevant now, because the amount of digital communication increases sharply in the work from home model. Read messages carefully and don’t rush to respond to them. If someone urgently needs an important document or demands immediate payment of an invoice, double-check the someone is who they claim to be. Don’t be afraid to call the other party for clarification, or confirm the action one more time with your boss.

While we can’t make everything about working from home a pleasure, we hope these practices make your work from home experience a little less stressful.