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This morning I received 4 phishing attempts in my mailbox. Three directed at me and one forwarded by a friend to see if it was legit. It’s my job to be able to spot these emails, I’m sure it’s not yours. But how much time do you and your employees spend examining emails to make sure they’re ok to click? Did you ever stop to think about the cost to your business of these “false positives”?

And its not just the hidden cost of reviewing these emails, there is the “boy who cried wolf” issue – threat fatigue can drop your defenses and leave you extra vulnerable. Cyberattacks like phishing are not slowing down. And protecting yourself and your business requires a multi-layer effort.

What is your Organization Doing to Prevent Phishing Emails?

This question is one of the most critical questions you need to ask yourself and your management team. We would like to help you answer this question effectively. To help you understand this issue and its impact on your organization, I’d like to invite you to a webinar, Phishing Attacks – 5 Tips and a Tool to Keep your Company Safe. Join us on Tuesday, October 30th at 1pm EST from your desktop computer or mobile device.

We’ll also tell you about an exciting new tool in the fight against phishing: The Inky Phish Fence, which is the first artificial intelligence (AI)-based system to protect your emails from attacks.

Register HERE for this informative and helpful webinar. And learn how the next generation of email protection will protect your organization.


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