Horizons May 2015 Edition

In the May 2015 Issue of Horizons:

  • Article: What You Need to Know About Cloud Security
  • Article: Windows 10 is Coming Soon! And here’s why you will be happy about it.
  • Microsoft Lync is now Skype for Business!
  • Tech Tip of the Month:
    • WINDOWS TIP! To quickly shut down Windows by hitting the Windows key (don’t hold it down), hitting U to reach the shutdown menu, and then hitting U again to shut down (Windows Key+U+U).
    • WORD TIP! When editing a document in Microsoft Word, to select all content in between your insertion point and the end of that line, press SHIFT+END.
    • WORD TIP! When more than one window is open in Microsoft Word, switch to the next window by hitting CTRL+F6.
  • Vantage Point has been named to the CRN Managed Services Provider Pioneer 250 List!
  • Featured Testimonial: Andrea Shaw, Rinnier Companies
  • The winner is… Christine Robinson at Norbeck Country Club
  • Quote of the Month: Dale Carnegie