Microsoft Office 2013 Tips and Tricks

General Office 2013 Tips

  • Zoom with your fingers – Using a fancy touchscreen laptop or tablet with Office 2013? Use two fingers to zoom in or out of any document, just like on your smartphone.
  • Remove the Start screen – When launched, the Office 2013 apps show a dynamic Start screen by default. To see a blank new document instead, select File and Options, then untick the Start screen option on the General tab.

Word 2013 Tips

  • Embed videos – Load in online video clips from YouTube and elsewhere using the new Online Video button under the Insert tab.
  • Edit PDFs – Fully fledged PDF editing finally arrives with Word 2013, though you might lose some layout settings. Edited documents can be saved as PDF or DOCX files.

Excel 2013 Tips

  • See key tips – Press Alt to see letters appear over every entry on the ribbon menu – tap the relevant key to activate the option.
  • Filter by timeline – Excel 2013 enables you to quickly create timeline filters for any date column in a pivot table or chart (the option is under the PivotTable Tools tab).
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