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Advanced Dictionary in Microsoft 2016 1/12/16
Office’s new Smart Lookup feature provides you with contextual information about words and phrases you need to know more about. Select a word or phrase (in Word, PowerPoint, or any other Office application) and the sidebar opens at the right side with details about the select text from various sources, including Wikipedia.
Translator Add-In in Microsoft Word 1/12/16
If you work with bilingual clients, or simply want to quickly translate some text into another language, it normally involves a lot of copying and pasting from Word to an internet browser and back again. The Translator add-in cuts out the middle man, and lets you perform translations in over 40 languages right there in Word. While we can’t always vouch for the accuracy of the translations, it can at least help you get the gist of the message. Price: Free
Journal Folder in Microsoft Outlook 1/12/16
Outlook still utilizes that Journal folder, however it is not readily available. Meaning it doesn’t show up in the Navigation Pane as it used to. Journal Folder in Microsoft Outlook To have access to the folder, you can click on the dots next to the Tasks tab in the Navigation Pane and then click on Folders. This opens all folders available, where you should also be able to find the Journal one. Alternatively, you can still use the CTRL+8 keys to gain instant access to the Journal folder.
Windows Calculator Modes 11/10/15
Need a different type of desktop calculator for your work? Below are keyboard shortcuts to get to four different calculator modes. Press ALT + 1 to switch to Standard mode Press ALT + 2 to switch to Scientific mode Press ALT + 3 to switch to Programmer mode Press ALT + 4 to switch to Statistics mode
Customize Message Preview in Outlook 11/10/15
Outlook 2013’s default way of displaying a message is by showing only one line under the headline. While you can include settings for this aspect in your inbox view mode, there is also one other way to do it much quicker. Simply go to View – right under the tab you will see Message Preview, where you can scroll down to 1 line, 2 lines of 3 lines. You can also turn this preview off in case you don’t need to see the content of the email before opening it.
Choose when you want an email to be marked as read 11/10/15
You already know that after keeping one email open for a while or moving up and down in your inbox can make certain emails appear as read, while others are still unread. This also changes the color they’re marked with, which can get confusing when you mistakenly marked an email as read, although you didn’t have time to go through it just yet. To avoid such situations, you can go to File, then choose the Options tab and click on Mail. To your right, you will see a Reading Pane checkbox that you should click on to view the various options. You can choose to check and uncheck any of them, as well as change the number of seconds before marking an email as read. Once you’re done customizing, click OK to save your options. Outlook Options Reading Pane
Create a Custom Email Signature in Outlook 10/26/15
It’s easier than ever to create a personalized signature with Outlook 2013. All you have to do is go to File and choose Options, then Mail and click on the Signatures tab you see to your right. This feature allows you to add as many signatures as you need – you simply click on New to add a name for your new signature and then write down everything you want to be included in the signature: your name, your position, your company, postal address, phone number, etc.
Check your calendar without leaving your email 10/26/15
Multi-tasking is now a lot easier with Outlook 2013. There’s no need to leave your email in order to check the calendar for appointments. And to make it even more interesting, you can also take a quick look at your Tasks and Contacts while editing the email. In order to see your calendar, you simply move your cursor over the Calendar at the bottom and a smaller version of it will pop up next to your email. You can click through the various dates to see appointments just the same way as you can open a pop-up Tasks or People window by moving the cursor over these features.
You might want to turn off this new iOS 9 setting if you don't have unlimited data 10/15/15
In September, Apple released its latest mobile operating system, iOS 9, which has some great new features like Apple News, better battery life, and split-screen multitasking. But a new feature, called Wi-Fi Assist, may be chomping through your data plans without your knowledge. The new setting is automatically turned on when a phone is updated to the new OS. It attempts to ensure that users don’t experience any buffering when on a weak WiFi signal. The iPhone will detect when a WiFi signal lacks strength, and switch over to a cellular connection. iPhone Wi-Fi Assist Screenshot This feature is great if you are stuck in a place that is near wi-fi, like right outside your home or business or in a coffeehouse with a lot of users on the wi-fi. But there is a cost: The switch to cellular could mean you’re using more data from your monthly plan - with the potential of significantly more than you are used to using. If you’re on a monthly fixed data wireless plan, it might be worth checking to see if your data consumption has risen. Keep in mind how much data you tend to use on a monthly basis and compare that to your usage since upgrading to iOS 9. Head to Settings > Cellular to see your data tally, and scroll to the bottom to see if Wi-Fi Assist is on. This new features isn't a bug. Apple is aware that it is an "issue". Switching the setting to the off mode should bring your consumption back in line with your normal usage.
Print Only a Selection from Website 8/17/15
To print only a selection of something on a website, highlight the content you want to print and click the Print icon. When the Printer dialog window opens, choose Selection under Page Range options.

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