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Count the Total Number of Incoming Emails Per Day in Outlook 8/14/15
How many emails do you think you receive per day? 100? 200? Curious to know exactly how many emails you are receiving each day ... Well find out using this little tip! 1. In Outlook, right-click the Search Folders under the email account that you want to count the total incoming emails per day. Then click the New Search Folder. New Search Folder in Outlook 2. In the New Search Folder dialog, scroll down to the bottom and then click Create a custom Search Folder under Custom. Then click Choose button. Create a custom Search Folder in Outlook 3. When the Custom Search Folder dialog pops up, Name it and then click the Criteria button. Custom Search Folder 4. In the Search Folder Criteria dialog, under Messages tab, separately select received and Today from the Time drop-down list. Then click OK. Search Folder Criteria 5. When it returns to the Custom Search Folder dialog, click the Browse button. Custom Search Folder 6. In the Select Folder(s) dialog, select the folder you want to count the total emails per day, and uncheck the Search subfolders box. Then click OK button. Select Folder(s) 7. The click OK twice in the following two dialogs. 8. Right-click the new search folder you have just created, then select Properties from the right-click menu. Properties from the right-click menu 9. In the following dialog, check Show total numbers of items box, and then click OK. Total emails per day Properties Now copies of the incoming email messages will be saved to this search folder per day. When a new day comes, the search folder will automatically remove all the old messages and start counting the new days email messages. knowledgeBase-EmailCountDaily-9
New Tool - Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem 1/5/15
HELP US TO HELP YOU with this slick TOOL TIP! Ever had a technical issue that you wish you could record so your IT Helpdesk can witness what you keep seeing? You can with the "Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem" feature available in Windows 7. This nifty tool goes beyond a simple screenshot and actually records the onscreen actions to help the IT department diagnose the issue. Here's how to use the feature:
  1. Using the SEARCH feature in Windows 7 (available from the START Windows button in the bottom left corner of your screen), type in: Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem Search feature in Windows 7
  2. Click the link that displays will launch the application and put the control panel windows on your screen (see the screenshot below).Problem Steps Recorder
  3. Click Start Record and then click through the process to recreate the error you are having.
  4. When finished, hit Stop Record and a Save As window will pop open.
  5. Save the file (MHTML format i.e. web page format) and then send the recording as an email attachment to your IT Helpdesk.
Empty Trash Bin 9/19/14
Be sure to empty your computer's trash bin on a regular basis - something like one a week or once a month. Even though you've deleted the document you no longer wanted from its previous location, it is still being stored (and taking up space) in your Trash Bin. Just remember to double check the Trash Bin before emptying it.

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