Horizons April 2014 Issue

In this issue:

  • Article: Caution: Hackers Are Now Targeting Router
  • Article: Phishing Phraud: How to Recognize Email Fraud
  • Tech Tip of the Month
    • What does ESC mean? – The Esc key (top left of the keyboard) means, “close this” or “cancel this.” It can close a menu or a dialog box, for example.
    • Use your mouse to highlight text – Many text editors and programs allow for the use of your mouse to highlight portions of text. For example, to highlight a word or phrase, click your mouse at the beginning of the word, press and hold the SHIFT key and click at the end of the word or phrase. Bonus Tip: You can also select an entire word by double-clicking on it.
    • Reopen closed tabs – Whoops! You accidentally closed a tab on your browser and you need to go right back to that same spot. Don’t panic! Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+T and your lost browser will reappear.
  • New Staff Spotlight: Chris Turner
  • Welcome Aboard New Clients: Menkiti Group
  • Quote of the Month: Jim Rohn
  • Featured Testimonial: Candice Lambrose, Marshall Hotels & Resorts