Vantage Point Wins Application Development for L.J.S

Dana Seiler, Principal of Vantage Point Solutions Group, announces that they have won the contract for the development of a sign management application for L.J.S. & Associates of Odenton, MD.

The new state-of-the-art, 100% web-based management system will be an integrated application that will streamline order management, assignment processing, customer maintenance, contractor maintenance, inventory control, accounts receivable and reporting. This new system will give L.J.S. & Associates the flexibility to accommodate future growth.

L.J.S. & Associates, founded in 1978 by Ignatius Stefanski, specializes in the fabrication, installation and removal of “For Sale” signs for the real estate industry. They have contracts with over 950 different Real Estate companies in 9 states. Because of the high visibility of their signs and rapid installation timelines, properties sell quicker and at a higher dollar amount than the typical metal yard sign.