New Website & eCommerce for Care2 Juvenile

Dana Seiler, Principal of Vantage Point Solutions Group, announces that they have won the contract for website and eCommerce system development for Care2 Juvenile Violence Assessment System. This contract has been awarded from TEDCO Rural Business Innovations Initiative (RBI).

Care2 was in need of a web-based Risks & Needs Assessment System that allowed for professional therapists to create an account, purchase assessment screenings, and access assessment history. Vantage Point will develop, support and maintain this system.

The idea behind the Care2 is to provide educators, social workers and others the power to provide at-risk children and teens with the nurturing and support that they need in order to get a second chance at life. This tool measures the risk factors associated with youth violence, scoring the responses and helps clinicians gauge the intensity of potential behavior problems as well as the appropriate level / type of intervention required.